Thursday, September 10, 2009


HOW TO BEGIN, as a kontinuation...of kind Labours

«Boo! Keep passing by my house.» --Roomy #1

Is it a rooming=haus OR a boarding=haus? The room

itself is One of the smallest i've known, tight and cozy.

i do not own any of the 'furnishings' in it. Overmore, it

can't be called room and board iffen there ain't no Table.

There is all the food held in Common, shared, disperst &

up eaten by the Residents under their chins wherever

they [WE] sit or schtand. {my very last kitchen table was

an horrible thing, snatcht by one of the engineer's Class

fambly membres while we rooted me out of the Oakhaus}

i know~the Place is a comfortable & Affordable hostel, an

Address to travel toward and fromwise on the life=path.

Because, it isn't where You live, but how You live...

Really~because the Rooming haus used to be an actual

home=row, the current water closet was once quite

literally, a Closet. It is set apart from that redesigned

room which holds the shower and the shaving sink.

[i've called that a vanity in the past, but the Lovely girl

downstairs has her own, And we are all MEN who live

togethre in the upper schpaces.] Locking sometimes.

«Boo! Keep an eye in my place.» --Roomy #1

My [the LandLord's] ferigerator is a Beauteous thing!

She has no handle and no interior light And she is not

Free-of-the-Frost. That is, she is frigid enuf allto because

there is ice constantly forming upon the top shelf. i miss

the fridges of Youth & the ice=box of my Independence.

The one sign at my regular groxery store goes: HOT FOOD

IS NOT FOODSTAMPABLE. It is true that one could make a

lunch al fresco using the benefit card; it just would never

be a hot lunch. Generally speaking, and i am as confused

about this as the Benefactors, the card cannot be used for

those meals a working poor person could not cook and put

togethre his=self. {the fine tendency of such a Policy is

toward cheaper & less processed comestables, saving the

recipient AND the taxpayer money overall} Blessings!

TITLE: Wheels go Round and Round

MOOD: cheerfull, brightly mobile, autumnally optimystic

NOISE: bells & hymns by choice--the schtuff i hear

bleeding out of othre people's headsets & cars just

annoys me. {i have the very sensitif ears}

HAER: summerly short, the wintre beard is schtarting

WIDEO: television is evywhere now; you no longer have

to go 'home' to watch it. Still--a vast waste=land.

WEATHRE: sunny, breezy, near=perfect

BIKE: i come to find out that Pedestrians can be just as

dangerous as othre Vehicles! And i'm one of them.

They [and i] cross the roads without full Awareness of

the wheeled conveyances bearing down upon them...

NATURE: late summer skunks preside, visibly, nasally

THOT: «Subtext? You must be a deconstructivist

MEMORIAM: Wednesdé, i attended a Viewing for one of

the BINGO werkers who came to us during the Transition

from big games to little games. ADAM was the new brother

in=law of the President...and i partied at Adam's wedding

to CONNIE in 1992. And altho i would not have been misst

by any=one had i hadn't gone to the Neighbourhood

funerary, i fulfilled my obligation to comfort that Fambly.

MODERN TEXT: Yesterdé, i took the light meal with the

nearest Lutherans--a wafer with grape juice. But i took

the bicycle to the Moravians for Khristian Karaoke and the

kaffeeklatsch. {i might never get used to the Expression,

«I hope my bike is still in the narthex.»} The lemon ring

cake was just as good as the blueberry slab i ate with my

friends. Aday, the dé of Labours, i cycled quite freely thru

the Town as it was ghostly empty. Roomy #2 is absent on

this Vacation day & Roomy #4 is transiting a more extended

Leave for all of the week, perhaps further. So~i and the

Alpha=dog are 'folding the hort'...happily and Truly.

NB: there are the unemployed, and the underemployed

as well as the disemployed; i land within the ranges.


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